Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stylish looks for Autumn.

Are you stylish at work?

Let me just start by saying that even if you work from home., I believe you always have to make an effort to look good (or else you may take the risk of becoming one of those who stay day and night on the same pair of comfy pajamas).

Having a certain etiquette or dress code helps us get in the mood for the day, prepares us mentally and builds our self - esteem and confidence. None the less, it can also make us feel really uncomfortable and out of place.

Choosing what suits us best can really be tricky. From your body shape to your personal taste, from your feng - shui element to what actually just feels ok, it can all be rather confusing. 

My theory is, that after a lot of big no - no's (or fashion faux pas) you end up learning what really goes for you (but it isn't a rule... ). It is all about knowing yourself. 

The following are some of the outfits that I simply would love to wear to work, BUT  haven't quite developed the courage to wear some of them. I am still with considering some to be somehow not that appropriate.

How about you? What kind of clothes do you wear to work? Are you stylish?


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Día de Muertos - Day of the Death.

Death is something / someone everybody feels respect for. That, non the less, won't stop all the colourful manifestations that the celebration of  día de muertos brings each year in mexican culture (and also it is becoming more and more popular around the world ). 

The día de muertos is celebrated with warmth, strong fragances, flavours and specially colours! It also brings family together to remember those who have already left.

Here goes what I found to be pretty cool stuff to commemorate the special day:

(Top to Bottom; Left to Right) 
2. The Ladies - Life and Death by Larissa Grace.
3. Ideas to crave a pumpkin. Aquí.
4. Product found on
5. Product found on etsy

Monday, 27 October 2014

Must have accessories to change your life!

This item  (but in bright pink) is my newest acquisition to my new and optimal home improvement plan.  

A part, I suppose, of this new process in which I want to make many significant changes in my life; I do not know whether they are related or not to something called getting old. None the less, I welcome this renewing energy with a lot of optimism. 

There are many things to change  and like with everything, I can imagine it will take some time. Not all radical changes have to be noticed on your hairstyle (though mine it already took place a couple of months ago). 


The following list that I have prepared are some of the objects that I consider to be quite useful to keep a more effective system of organisation whilst being also aesthetically pleasant. 

1) An appropriate and practical tool to leave the mobile phone. (For when I am at home). 

Who ever knows me, knows this for a fact. I am useless with my mobile. Though since I recently (today) quit facebook  once and for all, I decided to take all communication with my closests friends and family to writing emails, skype or  whatsapp.  Therefore, I need to be more responsible with the phone.

Probably this one will attract too much attention from my young, (I can see him owning this), so maybe this other one can be a smarter choice: 

Get it Here.

2) An alternative system of closet organisation.

I have friends who keep their shoes in their original boxes, others have a special place designed for their shoes in their wardrobes. I have kept mine at the bottom of the closet. I always need to lift a bit the coats, dresses, skirts (or whatever is hanging) to see what I have got. So, nothing practical.

This following idea I found to be the most accessible.  

You can find it at (Though you need to be a member).

3) Accessories for the closet.

Investing a little money in your wardrobe's looks is always a good idea (no matter how silly it may sound). Keeping your stuff properly organized, neat and tidy will help you see what you have got and it will be easier to visualize how can you make the best out of your outfit. 

So in reality, you can make some serious savings. (as you won't be buying what you know you have already).

Pretty much same principal applies when we buy sports gadgets, gear or accessories. Little things can make a big difference in both motivation and results.  :)

For sale in the New Zealand shop: Tea Pea

4) Accessories for the Office.

Motivation is key for almost anything. Uplifting your days by getting a few quirky items is guarantee to make any task easier. Specially if you invest in accessories that will help you maintain, organize and clean your equipment, instruments and tools.

This little gem, for example is a must!

Find it Here.

5)  Accessories for TLC.

There are certain stuff, that we, women, don't usually get for ourselves (as a friend and I were recently commenting) We can treat ourselves with fashion, chocolates, ice cream, going out places, stuff for the home, books, films or even perfumes!

BUT good tools for our personal care is not normally on our list: professional make up brushes, tweezers, mirror with lighting included, a great collection of  aromatherapy products, etc.. are all good investment for our self - esteem. 

This product comes highly recommended to make the most out of your eyebrows. They are the frame of the face. A little grooming can go a long way. 

Find it  Here.
What do you think of my list? Am I missing anything important? What would be on your list?
I'd love to read your comments :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Reasons to leave facebook.

The day of freedom is soon to be here!! 

I was never really a fan of facebook nor what it stand for. When I first opened my first account I soon saw what it was all about, hated it and soon closed it. It was because of a certain nagging group of friends that I opened the second one. And stayed connected till soon.

Do I regret having had a page? Not at all. I met wonderful people and helped me kept in touch with many others. So why am I opting out?

There are no longer good enough reasons to stay.

If I truly want to keep in touch with my family and friends (all scattered around the world) there are MANY ways to remain in contact besides facebook. And you know what? They are far more personal mediums of communication: skype, whatsap, or the old fashioned email writing.  Rather than spend an incredibly ridiculous amount of time browsing for casual events on hundreds of people; make the time to establish more meaningful exchange with the dearest ones. After all, are we ever really ourselves on line?

In my own personal opinion I can see that facebook can easily transform ordinary people into online monsters: those that are so incredibly vain, shallow and damn right superficial, the little cowards who just browse for gossip and check out if the grass is greener somewhere else, the constant complainers, the compulsive instagram lovers...  Now, they do not annoy me as much as you may think, it's more like I hate being part of all that. 

Facebook is open to constant missed - interpretations and can make people (including myself) quite judgmental of others without really knowing all the facts. Plus the self - online - branding just doesn't digest well with me. Life should be personal. Free time should be spent with your loved ones living on the here and now.

So there you go, I am to catch up with phone numbers, email addresses *you know, update the phonebook ;) * and then I will be gone for good. Nothing is bringing me back.

My blogs, page and even my photography facebook account will go on as normal. It is my personal account that will no longer exist.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Street Photography: Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is one of those cities you don't hear much about like you do with Paris, New York or Milan. None the less, it hides a unique romanticism, a poetic nostalgia that go hand by hand with the great Atlantic Ocean.  There are incredible beaches near by and a lot of little places to discover either in Lisbon itself or just outside the Portuguese capital. Lisbon is quite charming. 

It is also de place where G and I went for our honeymoon. We were there for a week walking around the plazas, the arabic and african market, drinking coffees in different places around the city (including the plaza where the tower's clock doesn't work: as time never passes when you are there), we went to different beaches and went to some quite delightful art craft shops (Sadly everything was out of our price range, but the products were fantastic!) 

And OMG the people! They are both kind and ... very attractive! Never have G and I questionned our self- esteem as badly as then! Without any sense of pretentiousness nor apparent effort; people simply seem to show the warmness of the city everywhere they go.

Oh Lisbon, I wish to see you once again sometime!

Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The incredible art of letting go: How to do it?

There is no other way of saying this: Letting go is really hard.  

Maybe for some us a bit more difficult than others. None the less I know I do not want to end up like my father (or my brother) or many other members in my family who just love to accumulate and keep things stored.  

I know this revelation may just come as a surprise, but really, there is no secret. I love making that remark to them every time I can (and then I wonder the reasons of my bad reputation), though, right hand to my heart I only do it hoping one day soon, they finally do something about it. (But can't see it happening any time soon anyway...).

Being all aware about the situation I am very keen on to keeping things simple. In fact, my ideal me is pretty good with upcycling, recycling  and maintains things properly organised. 

So as a "treat" to myself and my upcoming birthday (which by the way I think is about time I do not spend another special day feeling terrible about getting yet another year older). I want to start fresh. Let go of bad energy flows, old stuff, negative feelings, and other nonsense that I have accumulated and kept in the past.

Question is.... How to do it?? How to efficiently get ride of what you don't need?  My mind is a very tricky place in a very laughable way (but not funny): I keep on finding reasons of why I should keep "X" , "Y" or "Z" item! So I end up spending most of my time just dusting! (I probably need help!)

It is true what they say.. you never know what you have got until you go to the closet!

What about you? Have you ever gotten ride of a lot of stuff? Do you just do it regularly? HOW DO YOU DO IT?? My real me keeps finding excuses to be my ideal me! lol


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