Sunday, 22 February 2015

The moving day hang over.

So we've moved (pretty much)...

Though there are still a fair bit of crap stuff everywhere! I don't really know what is worse:

1. Moving the big furniture.
2. Moving the tiny non categorisable items that come from nowhere.
3. Putting everything away properly.
4. All the little details that the new property has (and you weren't aware of it) that need fixing / changing.

Needless to say, we are all exhausted. Except for little G. He is loving it. 

The new place is a lot bigger and in a nicer neighbourhood. It still feels weird I have to say. But we are very pleased with our new home. It has so many interesting features: really cool kitchen, balcony, terrase, walk - in closet...

Good thing is I won't be able to leave the house irresponsibly. Literally. If I want to go anywhere outside the residential development I will need to carry my card for the sensors to open. That means good bye to the old hippy me that never took anything with her.

Here's one of those peculiar things about our new place: Everyday between 7 am to 7.30 am we get an  incredibly loud party fest in the park in front of our house. Can't help but wonder: 

Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Street Photography: Les Alpes de Haute Provence, France.

Over the years my priorities have changed. When I was younger, cities like New York, London or Paris used to be a must place to live in. The busy lifestyle, the multiple choices to see and visit where highly important.

Not anymore. 

There are many wonderful places and those cities are truly great... but hand to my heart: This beautiful region between the Alpes and Provence is perfect. It is a very special place to me as it is the land of my mother's family. Of course, more than likely I am very bias but there you go. Nowadays I go for simple, quiet and easy living.

Photography by: 
Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Guilty Pleasures (Shopping) Wish list.

gypsylolita.tumblr / H&M / Journelle / Stella Mc Cartney for Adidas / Nike / Hermes - Kelly/ Anthropologie / Chanel

Probably none of them I need. But... wouldn't they be nice? G tells me I have enough bags, and that he has never seen more pairs of shoes in his life (with the exception of a shoe shop). Men!

Though....  is there really something like "enough bags" or  "too many scarves" or "too much lingerie"? (he hasn't complained about this last one... unless is found hanging anywhere near the shower).

On the top of the list it would probably be either the yoga shoes and/ or the yoga leggings. You can never have enough perks to motivate a work out, right?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ideas for a rustic chic creative office studio.

As mentioned on the previous post, soon we will be moving out and I will finally have my own photographic - office studio. And I just can't wait. 

My daydreaming moments are spend visualising how it will look., where will I put the lighting equipment, where will I be spending long sitting hours working on post - production... 

There will definitely be a flowery - boho vintage chair, fresh flowers and lots of little industrial - classy cottage accessories to go with. 

More importantly, I will have all .. and I mean ALL .. the space in the world to keep everything by OCD categories depending on the mood and photographic need: mood boards, chic stationary, textiles, etc..

References: / / / / González -  Studio

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Inspiration ideas for a bold colour wall.

Soon but not soon enough... the place that we will call home sweet home will be a reality. G and I are both daydreaming away with the details. Myself, I am wondering which bold colour wall would go best. Yes, I want something a bit bold. / / / / / marthastewart /

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ideas for bolder wedding dresses. / Vera Wang / Jean Paul Gautier /
Gucci Shoes / Oscar de la Renta / Hamda Al Fahim 
Probably it happens to all... (or so I'd like to think), that in the end, once you are married, you realise that there are three types of weddings one can think of:

1. The one you wanted and thought you were going to have.

2. The one you actually had.
3. The one that you would have had if you only had known better. (now that you have the experience of it).

G and I would definitely have done many things differently.  Myself, I'd have to start for the dress. I would have gone bold and would have chosen something with character.

Hey, I guess you live and learn...  

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mood Inspiration: Black and Nude Lace.

Lace can seem old fashion or incredibly chic. I find it to be an elegant and very feminine touch to pretty much everything. Do you like lace? Do you wear it?

(left to right / upwards to downwards).

1. Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography. 2. Oscar de la Renta. 3. 4.  Balmain. 5.  Marchesa. 6. Etsy Shop: Hideminy. 7.  Journelle. 8. 9. Emily Hogarth Bird Lace Tattoo. 10. 11. Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography.


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