Wednesday, 8 February 2017

First Nativity Play.

You can imagine the enthusiasm. For other parents it was either their second or third time they had seen their kids participate in a Nativity Play. But for me, (and some others) it was my first.  So I went well prepared with my camera and started shooting for memories that my kiddo will treasure one day. 

Must be said that I am pretty happy with this school. It has a chilled atmosphere and the moment you go in you can breath in the natural air produced by the trees. It's peaceful. 

It has its little farm with animals and children witness how they can grow food themselves. We, the parents, benefit from it; every once in a while we get "freebies" from whatever has been produced, organically grown by our kids, I mean, isn't that lovely?  :)

The school recycles its water and lacks a sweet shop. There is a cafeteria though, where healthy proper meals can be bought. 

The hippy owners of this school are quite artistic sided too. And they with the teachers put on a great show for us the parents; filled with cuteness. Yes, kids didn't know their speeches, some didn't want to talk, others wanted to talk a lot more than originally intended. It was perfect.

I have gotten to know some of this kids and I think they are awesome.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Balloon Festival 2016, León, México.

Here we go again.
Another year, another November, another Balloon Festival.

And as always (for the second consecutive year) I take my little one to observe the balloons. From a safe distance, of course. God knows I do not want to take him to the havoc and chaos of the crowds.

That long weekend is normally accompanied by what it is in the States known as Black Friday. 

So we went as well to check out the promotions, the newish shops that I normally don't visit, to spot for any potential bargain. Which I'll talk about, brag fully on my next post.

Anyway, this year my little one and I went with my dad. His "abuelo". Which made waking up for my little one a lot easier. You see, the balloons start at the crack of dawn, and having to cross the city to get there is a bit of a hassle. And its cold.. who wants to leave sweet - warm bed?? But with a nice soft voice I gently whispered to my son.. "the abuelo is coming..." And he was up and about.

It's awesome to see his excitement.

I took my camera with me. My dad, however seemed a bit... bored. He was happy to come with us but he was starring at them saying.. "Well they do not do much, do they??... they just float there..."

Bless him... lol dunno if he was expecting some type of choreographed balloon festival. Flying in a balloon is not something that necessarily calls me, but they are pleasant to observe. 

I am slightly terrified of heights, and although I am sure the view can be fantastic I am always puzzled about not really knowing where are you going to land: what if you were to land inside the lion's cage at the Zoo? or into some garden with 6 or 7 guard dogs?

Regardless, of whether flying in a balloon would be something to look forward to, they do inspire certain romantic feel of rising above, overcoming obstacles and aspire for greatness.  An invitation to hope and to live life fully, openly and innocently... Don't you think?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The present that soon will be past.

Love him so much!!

It was one of those Sunday evenings where I thought it could be a nice idea to go for a walk in the "wild" and bring my camera with. 

We parked where we could and walked to the flowery fields. For many years I have seen that land from a distance but never had set a time to go wonder in it. Probably for a very good damn reason, but the amount of flowers it had shown these past few weeks had been calling me for a visit.

Soon all that land will be residential area and for many years, they had been just fields of corn that I used to glance to every time I rode back and forth from home. Now as they have been left abandoned for its usual agricultural purpose; hundreds of yellow flowers have grown. It is a magnificent sight. 

Streets are being made, civilization is expanding and you can start to see how it will look. Houses will be pretty and the gated neighbourhoods will be posh. Giving its location, it will be a great place to buy and live in the city.

Though, if you ask me, I'd rather have fields of corn. Food will always be more important than yet another building. 

This might be the last autumn where we can roam freely in those fields.

I tried to avoid shots of the building process. It gives me a weird feeling to see the landscape changing into concrete. 

From the photos you really don't get much sense of its location for future historical value. Still, my little one and myself had our moment there and it will be meaningful for us. We will know where those pictures were taken.

I bring up the historical value because that idea has lingered with me since I started to notice an informative campaign all over the city about its past. Facts and memorabilia I didn't know about this place and I can't help to wonder how it must have been like to live under those circumstances. What people thought of their environment, how they felt about traveling distances, their community and the world. 

The city has changed so much. I bet no - one could have foreseen how it was going to be 50 years later, or 100 years later.  I live so much in the "present" (or rather the anxious state of my existence) that I really haven't stopped to think that one day, I too, will be history and with that everything I have ever known. 

The school that I went to, was a newish school when my dad studied there. It was a school that was out in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization, surrounded by fields and farm animals. But the city expanded and by the time I enrolled there, it was right in the middle of the city with heavy traffic all around and numerous tall buildings that host different high rank hotels. 

Both my dad and I have seen our old school been demolished to give its place to a Cultural Forum. A new attraction. It is a strange sensation to witness that a place that was so meaningful to you becomes dust, allegedly for the benefit of society, yet everyone who attended that school felt like a part of them was ripped off. 

"They" like to call it progress. But I really don't see how that goes to the merit and development of its citizens. 

Nowadays I take my little one to a school in the outskirts of the city. In front of the school roam cows, goats and donkeys. But that soon will change too as they are building yet another mall. Will he remember the fields that existed before? The fresh air that he could breath in during his play time?

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Let it shine!

So it has been a while.. (again, ha!)

I am clueless whether there has been some astrological movement within my birth chart or whether there has been some energetic pull that has caused quite a revolution.  

I haven't written in some time now because I wanted to settle before starting to doing so. In fact, to be completely honest, not that I am providing any sort of explanation why I have been absent, but this "thing", whatever that shenanigans has been, it has been my..."it" for some time now. 

I tried for these last couple of years (yes, years... yes, I know!) to tensely remain in calm. I felt stuck and clueless, hopeful and anxious. I tried over and over again to find a "solution" and I found myself running in circles without ever really settling down. I felt there was fire within me but for some strange reason, it was not coming out, no matter what I did or didn't do. It was frustrating to say the least, and  maybe it wasn't as noticeable, but I was quite a mess in disguise. 

Throughout this time I've found some interesting pieces of the puzzle so called life. I have also discovered some useful information that I had blocked since I was a kid (and you know how our childhood traumas play an important roll in our adulthood!).

I don't know when but suddenly, it all made sense and with a bit of coaching (I love you Tony Robbins!) life was suddenly different. I feel like I am eighteen again. Life feels like a blank book and I can write anything on those pages. There is excitement and peace.

Tony Robbins (I love you!) provides in his books really good insight that makes you truly work and reflect on yourself. I even bought a journal to work on every single conviction/ belief that I had before held close to my heart and have analised how they have affected me. I genuinely recommend him. He can truly change your life and how you see things.

Now I am on a quest to find out what I would really like to accomplish in every aspect of my life. I am quieting down to listen to my heart to let it blossom and let it be my guide. I am searching for a role model and it is all inspiring me to grow. It makes me smile from my soul. It is beautiful.

Out of curiosity... who is your Role model? (So I can see if I can borrow them) :P 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Guide to some basic kitchen herbs.

The heat is on. Totally on. It is said that it is hotter this year than others. So the mood of heaviness and can't really be bother is on as well. 

Meanwhile, in my kitchen and on my late studies, Im on the search of the health properties that natural plants can bring to our wellbeing, either from aromatherapy (in strong dosages) or as additive to everyday cooking. 

So I got some basic herbs and tons of essences.  I am learning about their benefits: their properties, what they do to our general health and more interestingly our mood.

Here goes the references of some, worth trying them out. To add to our cooking, baths and on incenses to cleanse the house. 

Additionally, I have an extra tip for the community. I have successfully tried mixing clove essence and cinnamon to a rash my little on had. It looked fungi, and as I followed my researched guide I was incredibly proud to have seen that it works like a charm! 

Friday, 6 May 2016

#DIY How to make your own deodorant

It's done. After some weeks of having it on my head I have finally done it. My own experiment that became my own deodorant. 

It's so easy to do, that is almost a joke. Seriously. No weird additives, no strange formulas, all goodie - goodie stuff. 

What you need: 

1) Organic all natural Coconut Oil.

2) Cornstarch (Naturally, free from any GMO's). 

3) Bicarb Soda.

4) Natural Essences / Oils (Lavender, Tea Tree...)

The BIG how:

1) Mix the Bicarb Soda with the Cornstarch by halves. About 50% of each.  

My suggestion:

You can certainly go for a 35% Bicarb Soda as it can be a bit harsh on some skins. Specially if yours is already the sensitive kind. 

2) Add Coconut Oil to create a paste, mix well!

3) Choose your essence and mix it too.


Experience follows:

It does the trick. No sweats, no bad smells, no funny business. I am very pleased with the results. I have my deodorant in a jar and everytime I need to use it I put some of the mixture on my fingers and spread it well. 

The smell of the deodorant is a personal choice. I mixed Tea Tree (because of its benefits) and Mandarine. How much you add to your deodorant will depend on the quality of your essences. Some of them (the expensive kind) are pretty strong  and you will only need to put a few drops. When concentration is quite high, you will need to be careful of not putting too much! Some oils can be toxic in strong amounts!

Additionally.. BEWARE:

If you decide to choose a citrus essence (like in my case), you need to be aware that you should avoid having exposure to the sun, as they can react and create skin pigmentation issues. 

You should also be aware that  Coconut Oil has a thing for changing its consistency depending on the weather. When its particularly hot, it tends to melt, so you will need to mix the ingredients again with the help of a spoon. (Coconut Oil goes to the top and the rest of the ingredients are on the base of the container). 

When its colder, however, your deodorant will be like a bar of soap. I haven't exactly put mine on the fridge yet.. but it could be an alternative. 

I bet you never thought you would say: "Hey darling, can you get my deodorant from the fridge?" 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Feng Shui Mamma. Successful Vegetarian Meals.

Before I begin, let me just say.. Feng Shui has actually inspired me to be more in the kitchen and to actually.. feel like cooking... and this is what happened:

You can damn rest assure that if your little one asks for more, it was indeed a great meal.
And since he kept going on about "Mmm.. it's very nice" I felt very proud of myself. Specially after the thank you hug I had from my sweetheart. 

So as a matter of celebration I am sharing my latest invention.. sort of.. cause you know, I kinda stole the recipe from my mother, I took the liberty of modifying it a bit to make it suitable for vegetarians. 

Avocado & Vegetable Soup.

How was it done? 

Instead of your regular chicken soup, use vegetable stock, add in some extra goodies (Black Pepper, Cumin, Garlic) to season. Then feel free to put in a bit of veggies. What I had at hand was Purple Onion and Courgette, so I sliced them in tiny bits and add it to the mix. In order to make it appealing I added pasta.. you know, for the little one. But I can see this as an optional item.

Now, normally my mom would make the Avocado mix (with cheese and cream) to add to a bare chicken soup, so instead, I served it to my vegetable soup. And it is quite good!

And for drinks:

Chai Tea Frappe. 

I have tried to make this drink before and it really is down to the genre of tea you choose to make it with. When it comes to black tea, you can't go too wrong, but for green and chai tea, it's a matter of trial - error. 

Dear #Costco, here is a hint: why don't you have tea tasters? 

However, I have found that the brand Gourmet Alessa, Vanilla Bombay Chai is a great option to make the frappe. 

How is it done?
Brew a tea bag or two in a bit of water. Allow some time to make it extra strong. Add lots of ice, greek style yogurt, soy milk (or almond, coconut, rice.. whatever is your fancy) and blend. Sprinkle some cinnamon and voilà!

Feng Shui Mamma is a happy, healthy mamma.


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