Saturday, 28 November 2015

Let's give this year its thanks.

Somewhere in pinterest or on facebook... or just randomly over the internet I read that if you keep a grateful attitude to life you are bound to be happier.

As thanksgiving has just passed us by (not a very common thing here in Mexico btw). I took a moment to think about what could I be thankful for this year. A year that you may say has not been a very good one. In fact, it has probably been one of the worse ones.

And so, as this year is fading away, I do not wish to continue it being like it has been, at least not for long.

 "This too shall pass" said the mysterious hotel worker at Julia Robert's My best friend's wedding character. And although I can't do much about the given circumstances I will always have the power to choose how to react to it. I am pretty much trying to keep my sh*t together until this -whatever it is- has passed. Nothing is ever permanent so I pray for it to be over soon.

It feels like a migraine or a roller coaster, you know it will end but while it lasts it is too long to endure.

Said that, I will have to admit that while it sucked big time. I am never going to be the same because of it. I will actually, be better because of what I learnt.

So there, things to be grateful:

1) I have a beautiful, strong, healthy, loving son who is affectionate -most of the time- and love very, very... (sigh) .. very much!

2) I have some pretty awesome friends, some of them are very wise, some of them incredibly patient and others have tons of optimism that can cheer up anybody, including my cynic self.

3) Slowly I am making a home for my little one. I have managed to administrate my income enough to survive and get some furniture. May not have a lot of money in my pocket and that worries me tons but I am thankful that until today we have some type of stability.

4) I am thankful of my workplace; partially because it is my own environment but also because I have been in a position of receiving so much love, affection, admiration and ... pretty great times. 

5) I have learnt to be me. I have allowed myself to shine through my own essence and it has been fantastic. I am still working on the self - esteem falls out but I am seeing things through a very different perspective now.

6) I have learnt a lot about people. Either I was too wrapped up on my own ego (something we all carry around) that I took things a lot more personal back then. 
If I had a disagreement with a friend, a taxi driver or the regular jack; my head will not have a stop at "Omg.. what a b*tch!". 
Now, it doesn't mean I don't get angry, I do, but I let things go a lot quicker by understanding the person: putting myself in their position and blessing them. 
It is very true what they say. If someone is nasty with you, is not you, its them and they are troubled. So.. don't get involve, just love them and try to help if possible. Most of the time, help won't be well received, but again, as previously said, you can only do what you choose to do with the given circumstances. Acceptance is peace.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Incredible deco ideas for Christmas Tables.

The holidays are coming and I am making an effort to make it as lovely as possible. There are always certain obligations to fulfill during these festive weeks and I am still unsure about how to start making Christmas my own family thing. 

So far I have bought the Christmas Tree and partially decorated it with my own DIY baubles. I wasn't really aware of how many I needed when I went shopping so my tree is a little bare still.  Or at least not quite as I would like it to be.

Christmas presents for my little one are appearing on my list: the fire station that he liked, clothes he needs (mainly trousers) and if money can be stretched.. a furniture for him to keep his toys!.. cause they can drive this woman crazy when they are everywhere to be foot traps!

The menu for the Christmas evening.. not sure still. It needs to be special and as a veggie family options are not traditional as to -Oh what the hell let's just get Turkey-  so I need to find a bit of inspiration.

Also we shall dress up for the occasion -including the deco- I want to have a wonderful Christmas with my lovely son, where he can feel it is a special moment, that doesn't get overlooked. I want to recreate the magic and illusion of when we were kids, so he can have his own memories, of us laughing and being together. 

Something warm, elegant and natural. With wooden tables and great light.. something like the following:

Have you made plans for your holidays??

Lovelies from:

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

#moodboard Boho - ethnic accessories for the holidays.

In love with these accessories. I have looked for this style in the shops around my city and can't find them.
So I must be a trendsetter!! God bless the internet and arty - crafty people around on etsy. 
Which btw I think is the best way to go on the holiday season: supporting local (or not so local) artists, not the big companies.

What I love about these set of earrings is because of their quirkiness, slightly ethnic and go pretty much with anything style.

Found at:

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Replacing all metal wire brass from my closet - A lifestyle change for healthier living.

After having read an article on goop, (Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website)  with regards of how breast cancer and the usage of wire brass are quite closely related, I immediately found myself on the quest to check what kind of wire my lovely collection had. 

I had hopes some would be made of plastic (as is less toxic). But nope. All of them: metal wires.  So I removed the metal wire on them all. Here the evidence:

To be quite frank. I hardly can notice the difference. Yes, it is not the same, but nothing noticeable and a massive improvement on health matters. There is simply no need to squash our lovelies like that.

Thankfully -in this mortal's opinion- I am not a big chested woman, so I am lucky enough to be able to get away with a different kind of bra.  

Still sexy but in a softer and freer way. I have found some really nice examples to switch my delicates into a healthier bra choice. Here is what I found:

And.. couldn't help noticing these pair of sunglasses on my browsing.. aren't they just lovely??

-----------The lovely finds:

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Everyday finds #halloween

Autumn had been for a very long time my favourite season of all: incredible sunsets, slightly cold, windy, a great variety of different coloured leaves, hot beverages and flavours like caramel, toffee, cinnamon and.. my birthday! 

It is for sure a lovely time of year. I have really appreciated all its colours this season and have tried to keep a record of my lovely finds.  

Some people really like to go overboard and I have made more of an effort now that my little one has turned 3.  I have gotten his costume, the bags of sweets for other children and I got a pumpkin outside in the garden for decoration. 

Can't go too mad or else I won't have place to keep the decorations for the rest of the year  and that is not even taking Christmas into consideration! 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Now let's do Hallooween...!!

2015: August 14th Halloween decoration is every God damn where.

Ridiculous isn't it?. I hear my own old voice speak in my head when I noticed and decided to make a note on the calendar just as reference. I feel pressured. I am not getting older (maybe a little) but it does feel like time runs faster each year and that companies do try to shove their next holiday down your throat so hard it is becoming ... well yes.. surreal.

I bet Christmas decorations will dramatically change just like Harry Potter's flags at Hogwarts the minute after Halloween has passed. (I swear I am not a fan, its just general culture these days). But the point is, that how are we suppoused to get in to the feeling if we are being treated as a machine?. Now let's turn off that mode, let's get on this mood now! Just press the bloody button!

All this fast paced living gives me the impression that we are not being allowed to enjoy the beauty of each day. So I am trying to stay as old fashioned as possible.

So now, that officially we are in autumn I do feel like changing into the season, not at august 14th, now. Now that I can actually can see a change in the season. Which means slowly and yes, lovingly fall into:

1) Wearing boots - sweaters.
2) Incredible sunsets.
3) Pumpkin - Cinnamon lattes.
4) Not shaving... 

Just kidding.


There is a beautiful charm with autumn. And I feel like making a little effort celebrating it  I mean... isn't lovely?? :)

Found on:

After post:
I was wrong. Christmas deco is already out and about... 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


For quite some time now I have wanted to write about the stories I know. Stories that belong to my family. 

I do not know how many of them are 100% truthful (or is it more about the gossip that followed generations with the unavoidable additive of being distorted by interpretations or personal opinions).

I do not know even if I should bring them out to life like that, concerning of  how they may affect others who may not have had the slightest idea about what I knew about them or their relatives.

What I do know is that it seems that, for people, I am always someone they tell their stories. We all have our stories. Mine I find them, at times, so incredible, that they should probably be one of those ones to tell. But it is very likely, that no matter how catastrophic they are, since they are mine, I have learnt to "love" them. They are special to me, cause they are my rose (thinking of the story in Le Petit Prince about the rose and the fox).

I know that building your own story and learning about your family does help to get a better understanding of yourself and your circumstances. My mom, more in particular, seems to have dearly learnt hers and gently passed them to me so I could feel connected to her loved ones. It is something I treasure and feel like I should perpetuate her memories to my little one so he can, one day, continue with the stories. 

We all want to be remembered don't we? Just like that sweet film The Book of Life, so we can all eternalise our existence in the world of the remembered. 

Stories build identities. They are powerful because hand by hand they can be pretty destructive. The way we tell our story is entirely subjective and becomes what we will remember. Some experts say that babies don't hold memories from very young age because they lack the words to structure their thoughts. Thoughts can't be processed in a story line therefore we only remember smells, sensations, feelings and blurred visions. 

One story can be seen through different interpretations. Same experts recommend to stick to the right story as it will modify the way we feel and interact in our current ways. This "right story", will be the one who helps us look at the brighter side of things.

Now, from my humble knowledge in Buddhism I am aware that building a story is not the way to go.  No matter what the story is. 

The ego needs an identity to build and a story is precisely what moves us away from finding our truest self. We are constantly making stories, it comes with extreme ease the need to have a "manual" to work on. It is as natural to us as it is our capacity to use reason.

However, a story is just a story, and more importantly, they turn us away from our pursuit of finding the purest way of happiness which lays on the liberation of the being, which is more than just plain contextual words. 

Why is this? The french philosopher Jacques Derrida, in his deconstructive theory analised the parallel relationship between words and thoughts. Words limit reality. Once a name has being given to something it restrains it from being anything else and life (and oneself) is more than just a bunch of words. Our existence is better than that. 

We build a language to be able to communicate, we tell stories to create connections whilst enslaving every thought we have into categories and systems. It could seem like we can't think without a code. We depend on it.

So then why after all of this I want to write these stories...? 

Same reason why we take photos or choose to have children: because of the need of perpetuation. 

Life, no matter in what colour we choose to see it, is the only thing our mindset can have certain certitude of existence. Everything else is a leap of faith.

What comes after, no - one knows and there lays the tragedy & agony of our lives. 
To leave something behind becomes imperative as a purpose, even when we are, as human beings, completely unsure of the reasons of our passing into this world in the first place. 


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