Monday, 29 June 2015

Practicing the art of the Selfie.

It has been a couple of things really...

For one I got a new phone with a pretty cool camera. Well.. I didn't wanna tell but... I got an iphone! And I am suppa happy :P

And with all the apps that you can download for free, I am really going for it!!.Being a photographer ... well its like having a new toy to play with!! 

(This is not an add.. but Mac if you ever feel like a freebie, feel free to contact me. Currently accepting all kinds of products).

Secondly I have not quite been the kind that likes being in the photos herself. I am the camera girl. But guess what? Is not always cool. Of all the gorgeous pictures I took on my trip to N.Y. I have ZERO photos of me in the city!! (And I discovered that after I had come back home). 

I can be so critical of myself that I rather not ruin the picture by having an element of high judgement on the photo (me). "Gosh! If I had closed my mouth a little bit I wouldn't have looked so stupid...", "Wow those jeans DO make me look fat!"... and my favourite classic: "What was I thinking??"

So being this the era of the Selfie and being myself a fan of some lifestyle bloggers (who btw take the most amazing pictures of themselves) I started wondering... why can't I just look good on camera? 

And then I got to practice (still practicing). 
Every time I get bored and have a few minutes for myself I have a mini session. They can be fun! No extra make up, let's get real and natural. I think of a theme, dance to whatever song on the radio and take a few selfies

Let me tell you that I have gotten so many wonderful stares that I know they are thinking to themselves something along the lines of: narcissistic, shallow, stupid girl... I would probably think that myself if I were to see one like that. But, it is my own little experiment. I know I am neither of those things. (I may secretly enjoy seeing their reactions).

I've done my little research on the topic. And obviously there are so many interpretations on the matter. Some suggest that selfies are harmful and that create / represents the materialistic - shallow - self centred culture that we live in and promotes a poor / low self - esteem on the usual image ideals that one makes of themselves.

Others, believe they help us identify with ourselves. People can't (according to the BBC) always recreate the same expression on their face as taken in a previous photograph because they barely have a right idea of how the look like and how they are perceived (as much or as little that we can know the lines in our hands). 

So is it evil or is it a re-insurance tool? Personally I think, that we have been raised with so much fear to be selfish that we end up becoming the opposite.. so far, that we don't really know ourselves and if we don't know ourselves, how can we love ourselves? Loving oneself is essential to having a good and realistic self - esteem.

If I love myself I can be confident and more acceptant of who I am regardless of how I look on the bloody photo! (this is a motto I am kinda working on it..) 
But look at it! people who feel comfortable in their own skin, show it and that is ultimately what a good selfie is. 

As with all great changes in society, there will always be the pros and cons and will highly depend on the user. Selfies are a tool. An ancient -but renewed- tradition of "stealing" a moment for the future. Portraitures to help retaining memories or for showing off status. They all want to be a symbol; a little something that will be preserved through the passage of time, so they can be remembered and known by that image.

So to give my little input on the subject I would like to add that the reason why there are many selfies out there is simply because technology has made it really easy
I remember the days when it was all analog. You thought your photos well. Now with all being digital; its far easy to take hundreds of pictures in just twenty minutes and then erase the lot to take some more. 

Recording our every detail in our lives has been made easy and people are enjoying it! It is a neat way for self - expression. I have seen great selfies, that are quite frankly inspiring me to live a healthier more nutritious life and/or show off undiscovered and beautiful places of the world that make me smile... others well.. they are of no interest to me..  

So what will you do with the technology for self - expression? Whatever lies in your heart ;)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Flirty and practical bobs to love.

Don't get me wrong. I love having long hair and I truly miss it. Everytime I see someone with a well looked after, rebellious long hair I wish mine was already at that stage: So long you can have an incredible amount of options to style it. And well... it always looks very fememine. 

But then, also I look at all the different bobs like these ones and I immediately fall for them too. They are practical and flirty (in my opinion). So for now, that my hair is short, I am enjoying this look  and try to get the most out of it. Because you can't really have it both ways :) 

What's your style? What do you prefer? Short or long?

Found at...

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What's up pussy cat??

Have you ever wondered.... "why me?"

I often do. Why things like these happen to me? Surely everyone has to go through their own share but.. why this and why me?

Well... we are not the ones who choose their own problems.. if so... they would merely be slight inconveniences, as who would, in their own right frame of minds, put themselves through such a struggle? 

There would be no real - big lessons to be learnt and we would go through life without ever making much of a valuable experience... so.. enjoy your sh*t! It is the one thing that makes you special and great!! 


Some people say we bring our own problems ourselves. Which means I then analyse what part of me attracts what happens... is it my fears? my prejudices? 

Everyone will have their own varying answers from scientist, philosophers and great thinkers of the modern time will have their own interesting and convincing theories to decipher reality and although they weren't entirely incorrect none could really get a grasp on the hall thing. 

Some contradict each other, others later on will take it back.. so who knows?? Quantum physics will then distort everything you ever thought was factual.. so why then even bother??

So what are we left with? With an entire ocean of theories that prove that we don't really know much and the only remaining thing to do is to feel drown in anxiety from the infinite amount of possible explanations that resolve nothing of the incertitude... cause at the end of the day, everything is far simpler and complex at the same time. 

Fear must surely be a product of the ego (ego as what is understood by buddhists not Freudian theories). But why is it there? is it instinctive? To keep us safe??

I am in the mood of just go for the "Don't worry.. be happy" and "f*ck it!" attitude cause nothing else seems to do the deal.

So how was your week anyway...??

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Charming bedrooms for our little ones.

Bedrooms are probably amongst the most important rooms in the house (though if you really think about it, they are all pretty important). But a bedroom is the place where we recharge energy, feel safer, and we can find ourselves in peace from the outside world.

Choosing the right style that reflects us can be challenging, and even more so if it is for someone else.. like our kids... specially if they can't really speak their mind on what they like, what colour they prefer, the type of furniture which is ergonomic to their personality etc.. 

For now I have chosen a green tonality, something that I found neutral. I know little G is very much into cars. So that is something I can work with.

The following are some of the rooms that for one reason or another I really dig their style.

Images found on:

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Adorable accessories for the kitchen.

Window shopping is one of my favourite hobbies. I love spotting creative designs for the home. I don't always have the means to acquire it all but like the idea of one day probably... if still available by the time there is enough credit on the bank account. 

You see, I suffer from the I find everything lovely when I am skint syndrome and whenever I can afford anything there is nothing I like.

(So yes a few more days till pay day I am afraid...)

I am loving all of these!! Don't you??  (a bit childish some but.. so cuteeeee!!)

Images from my iphone.
Stuff from Liverpool Mexico & The Home Store

Sunday, 24 May 2015

No regrets. No answers & no hope left.

From my iphone

The past few days have not been easy. I have been doing a lot of thinking and finally decided to clear somethings out. A step towards honesty that I needed to do. I put my heart and soul out. It took a lot of courage and although I wasn't expecting much of a positive answer I did not considered total silence. 

At least a "message received" would have done it.  At least that. 

Silence is indeed an answer in itself and should have thought about that existing option. I get the feeling that I may be a bit too anal (it is an official term I am not being funny). I like things to be precise and straight. Now, come to think of it, it is quite loud and clear how much importance it is being given to my message. An entire forgiving process not even acknowledge. Fair enough. 

So what now? I wonder. I can't be waiting forever for something that may not come.

I have in my mind giving it a few more days for some sort of answer, if nothing happens, it will be time to let go, have some dignity and move on without ever looking back. I've promised myself and him that.

I've done everything in my power and trust me, this isn't easy nor something I would have wanted to but sometimes you just have to accept and admit. I am a fighter, is in my nature.  My name even means warrior! It annoys me terribly. None the less,  I could re - channel  that energy into myself for a change. 

It's heartbreaking when all hope fades away. Is it simply luck? Am I supposed to believe it is all part of a Master plan? I got nothing. No answers, just plain old silence. All my prayers seem none existent. 

It sucks big time at the mo. Big time.
I feel a bit stupid and I get the feeling that all of this isn't worth anymore of my thoughts, feelings nor my time. 
But I have no regrets. My conscience is clear and my heart at peace. I've lost nothing.

From my iphone

Rien de rien, Je ne regrette rien..
Edith Piaf. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chic accessories for Gardens & Terraces to chill in.

have been home shopping to a local store called Galerías el Triunfo. In this shop you can find any kind of accessories and furnitures for the house; some of them are a bit pricey for my taste; however if you know how to look, you can find some pretty good bargains on knick knacks. 

Here are some of the items that are on my wishlist. Though I am guilty of having bought some already. :D

Mainly I have focused on the garden. On alternative, chic, interesting pots; some other cool stuff for the kitchen and finally my very desired boho chair! (Oh some sweet day...!) 

Pictures from my iphone from Galerías el Triunfo.

Other images:
Vogue Mexico.


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