Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Feng - Shui your style!

Some weeks ago I couldn't help to read this story published by both Elle.com and Refinery29.com about whether or not should one Feng Shui their hair

At first I thought it was (quite frankly) a bit laughable but my curiosity made me click anyway. As it turns out it is not only a very interesting topic but also I found myself reading all week - end (and a bit more). 

So how does it work? First you need to know what birth element is, according to the year you were born: 

Then you can check from the following chart what shapes, colours, characteristics, etc. distinguish your birth element (so you can choose your clothes, accessories and even perfumes accordingly!)

Now, you need to keep in mind the energy flow. Each element feeds and is fed by another. So, using myself as an example,  being a water element I will feel stronger by using metal elements (and water features too, of course) whilst wood will "steal" my energy. 

If you would like to see examples of what I mean, there is a great collection of examples that the following website provides (and that I really recommend):


Here are some examples of what you can find there!

What element feng - shui are you? 
Do you like the suggestions made according to your birth element?  
I love them!!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mood inspiration: Summer in London.

This past few weeks I have been applying and submitting my portfolio to different greeting card companies and stock imagery agencies; and like with any kind of paper work it has not exactly been exciting to be filling out tax forms, taking some evaluations, filling out some more info and then waiting for the process to be evaluated, etc.. 


After all that... I am now selling my photos through a couple of agencies worldwide :)
AND I have had some pretty good reviews about my work as well as having acquired some new interesting followers :) (Thank you and welcome to you all).

Reviewing what I have got and what I need to update has made me realize a few facts:

1) I need to re - organize the way that I have been working. 
Now, I shouldn't panic. I just need to look at it from different eyes: It is an opportunity! 

2) By filling out some applications (and trying to answer a few questions) I actually was pushed into thinking about the philosophy or the reasons behind my vision. Which was inspiring. 


I am cleaning and bringing out from the archive what I have lying around. Let me show you some photos I took a while back but for some reason (procrastination or simple forgetfulness) never made it to post - production.

These pictures were all taken in London in different occasions. 


There will be more to come :)

As I haven't really finished going through all of them.

And lastly.. before I forget... There is also the news of both my blog and magazine project (in spanish) are now being properly monetized (yes I know I have been busy, busy..).

I will continue with the same policies and goals of each website and I promise to you that when sponsored I will let you know :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Glamour Photographic Session Brit - Chic Fashion Mood.

couple of weeks ago (Oh my! How time flies!) I had a lovely photographic session with this joyful and beautiful girl who happens to be an old friend's little sister.

With my team (my good friend and colleague Adriana) and the model; we had a blast trying to recreate a glamourous  scene whilst trying to avoid getting swamped in mud (it turns out there was quite a storm in our location the night before). 

Finally, these are the images from the photographic session. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did :) 

Photography by:

Luisa Pascalis Lifestyle & Fine Art Photography.



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