Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The no - new - clothes for a year challenge.

It has probably been a couple of things, but I have decided to try on an experiment.

I won't buy any new clothes for one year. 

Does it sound crazy? 

There are a few reasons behind it and for some other bloggers who have tried it, the results were wonderful.

Some do it for the environment, for a minimalistic philosophy to try on, economic motives and/ or for fashion.

It is well known that a great majority of "it" shops are not exactly labor friendly in third world countries; so putting a bit of a restrain teaches (at least one self) to not do clothes shopping as if it were a weekend sport but a counscious shop.

 Also, I am one of those who believe that less is actually more. Shopping, in itself, has cultural differences in both sides of the Atlantic. 

In the Americas, we have got a use - throw away lifestyle and tend to not appreciate what we have. It is easy to spend money without restrain. And so, when you have a lot, the less you know what you have and how to get the most of the item. Like that, we will, inevitably feel we need something new.

In Europe, the "it" girls buy good quality items that will be a long term classic to mix and match. They know what and how to buy in order to express themselves accordingly with lots of style. Plus, you simply feel freer when you have a basics way of living.


Additionally I have come to realise that clothe's shopping can be, in my case, a bit stressful; I can easily be obsessed with something new that I found in "x" place,  that I don't really need, and maybe won't wear regularly, but it will be pretty much what I'll be thinking about until I buy it. 

Come to think of it, maybe I am a shop addict; and while buying something new can for sure bring up the morale, the satisfaction feeling, won't last.

So, instead of going clothe's shopping I will be able to use that money in other stuff for a change, whether is a DIY project, going out somewhere for the weekend or whatever!

Ultimately, the challenge seems to have brought, according to people who overcame the experiment, a pretty cool creative spark.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#homesweethome : Thinking of a colour scheme palette.

Practice makes the teacher. Experience makes us wiser and mistakes.. are lessons..

Turns out that the "mint" green (more like apple green...)  that I had chosen for the bedroom is a real pain in the bottom.  I am really pleased with the blue colour I choose for the living room but the one I picked up for the dormitory has been a real no - no.

For starters, it was not quite the tone I had in mind and for some bizarre reason it doesn't look at all like the colour on the tin.  So there.. mistake no. 1

Regardless, I thought, O.K. Let´s persevere. It may look better with time. Maybe I just need to get use to it.  (Here I am only procrastinating the mistake). Mistake no. 2

As furniture began to be part of the home improvement project the more problems arrived: 

The wardrobe is a great greyish vintage design that I so badly wanted. 
The cot is natural wood. 
The desk is dark chocolate brown. 
My bedsheets are grey - blue (was so difficult to find something more or less O.K). When it comes to textiles. I am fussy.
The floor is pale veish that matches the curtains. 
And, Oh! Yes of course, I have a weird green for the wall. 
A pile of mistakes.

Accepting the failure of this DIY idea, I am going to change the colour wall. Will have to consider the catastrophe for furniture that I possess as it clashes all different colours (but more or less same style: big, strong wood) in order to fix this bit of mess that so lovingly I've done.

I am not changing the furniture (probably a mistake that I am currently procrastinating based on the philosophy of stubborness). But in some cases I am willing to change the colour on them.

So, now that I taken it out of my chest here is what I realised I should have done on the first place, that I didn't do and led me to err terribly. 

If you are thinking about the look of your bedroom, do consider the following tips that I had to research to fix my mess.

1) Ambiance: What is the overall feel that you want to experience when you walk in the room? What qualities does the room have? Think of scents, amount of light, space, just dream away... If you are looking for peaceful, for example, think of what brings that peaceful mood.

Do ask yourself this. It's important to find out the personality of your room to decorate before you jump ahead to buy paint. A "this will do. Its a neutral color for a boy and his mom" is how I ended up with apple green on my walls. 

2) Going further: After you have an idea of what feel you want to give, then you need to do your research on the elements. Like if searching for raw basics: Darker - Lighter tones, style of furnitures, textiles, amount of light, space distribution, wall art, etc. 

Before you ran to swipe that credit card, test your decisions. The idea may seem nice BUT maybe it isn't practical or they inspire the wrong kind of feeling. For instance, I could love a girly bedroom, but after a while I may not enjoy being in such a feminine environment.

Think on experience, which rooms have made you feel -add selected quality-? What was it about them that made you feel like that? 

If your desired ambiance matches the experience: you are on a good track. When not. Go back to the bench. 

3) Selecting the right colour scheme. Just because a colour looks nice doesn't mean it is meant for you. You may not feel at ease even though the idea of it seems pleasant. 

A funny tip that I read online was that you had to consider yourself in the room! As you are going to live on it, if it looks good on you, then you will, by consequence feel better on the room. So, basically never paint a room in colour you would never wear. Choose a colour that suits you on the skin.

Think colour psychology; the feel & meaning of colder vs. warmer tones. What contrasts go with them, so in future you know your scheme and what will look fantastic at yours. Know your combinations.

For easy inspiration, search for colour scheme palettes at your DIY shop; look at photos, particularly cooking books... (who knew, right?, Nature always knows what works best!). The options are multiple.

4) Always consider the uniqueness of your room. How will your selected colours react to your everyday light (whether it is artificial or natural)? Your chosen tone may not go well with the architecture of the place. 

All throughout the year we have different lightning, and you must consider all these little factors to make these decisions.  On some parts of the world, it may not seem that much of a difference, but it is always a useful tip to know your light. Light is .. everything!!

Obviously consider what happens when you put a new colour in, how will turn out, will depend on your current wall colour. E.g.: If I paint my green wall with blue it will tend to go cyan, so I need to consider that). 

So there you have it, some honest tips that I found useful from my DIY #youcandoit philosophy. Oh, mistakes.. what there would be to learn sans vous?

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mood Inspiration: Outdoor Summer Party.

It's been a while since I dream of having a gathering like these ones. And for one reason or another I haven't actually got around to organise one.

The weather is nicer in the summer and I have got an inflatable pool... so why not having a pleaseantful soirée? 

The company of the closests friends, everyone's laughter, a lovely table, dealicious food and greenery for decoration.

Something like this: 

Enchanting isn't?
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Practicing the art of the Selfie.

It has been a couple of things really...

For one I got a new phone with a pretty cool camera. Well.. I didn't wanna tell but... I got an iphone! And I am suppa happy :P

And with all the apps that you can download for free, I am really going for it!!.Being a photographer ... well its like having a new toy to play with!! 

(This is not an add.. but Mac if you ever feel like a freebie, feel free to contact me. Currently accepting all kinds of products).

Secondly I have not quite been the kind that likes being in the photos herself. I am the camera girl. But guess what? Is not always cool. Of all the gorgeous pictures I took on my trip to N.Y. I have ZERO photos of me in the city!! (And I discovered that after I had come back home). 

I can be so critical of myself that I rather not ruin the picture by having an element of high judgement on the photo (me). "Gosh! If I had closed my mouth a little bit I wouldn't have looked so stupid...", "Wow those jeans DO make me look fat!"... and my favourite classic: "What was I thinking??"

So being this the era of the Selfie and being myself a fan of some lifestyle bloggers (who btw take the most amazing pictures of themselves) I started wondering... why can't I just look good on camera? 

And then I got to practice (still practicing). 
Every time I get bored and have a few minutes for myself I have a mini session. They can be fun! No extra make up, let's get real and natural. I think of a theme, dance to whatever song on the radio and take a few selfies

Let me tell you that I have gotten so many wonderful stares that I know they are thinking to themselves something along the lines of: narcissistic, shallow, stupid girl... I would probably think that myself if I were to see one like that. But, it is my own little experiment. I know I am neither of those things. (I may secretly enjoy seeing their reactions).

I've done my little research on the topic. And obviously there are so many interpretations on the matter. Some suggest that selfies are harmful and that create / represents the materialistic - shallow - self centred culture that we live in and promotes a poor / low self - esteem on the usual image ideals that one makes of themselves.

Others, believe they help us identify with ourselves. People can't (according to the BBC) always recreate the same expression on their face as taken in a previous photograph because they barely have a right idea of how the look like and how they are perceived (as much or as little that we can know the lines in our hands). 

So is it evil or is it a re-insurance tool? Personally I think, that we have been raised with so much fear to be selfish that we end up becoming the opposite.. so far, that we don't really know ourselves and if we don't know ourselves, how can we love ourselves? Loving oneself is essential to having a good and realistic self - esteem.

If I love myself I can be confident and more acceptant of who I am regardless of how I look on the bloody photo! (this is a motto I am kinda working on it..) 
But look at it! people who feel comfortable in their own skin, show it and that is ultimately what a good selfie is. 

As with all great changes in society, there will always be the pros and cons and will highly depend on the user. Selfies are a tool. An ancient -but renewed- tradition of "stealing" a moment for the future. Portraitures to help retaining memories or for showing off status. They all want to be a symbol; a little something that will be preserved through the passage of time, so they can be remembered and known by that image.

So to give my little input on the subject I would like to add that the reason why there are many selfies out there is simply because technology has made it really easy
I remember the days when it was all analog. You thought your photos well. Now with all being digital; its far easy to take hundreds of pictures in just twenty minutes and then erase the lot to take some more. 

Recording our every detail in our lives has been made easy and people are enjoying it! It is a neat way for self - expression. I have seen great selfies, that are quite frankly inspiring me to live a healthier more nutritious life and/or show off undiscovered and beautiful places of the world that make me smile... others well.. they are of no interest to me..  

So what will you do with the technology for self - expression? Whatever lies in your heart ;)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Flirty and practical bobs to love.

Don't get me wrong. I love having long hair and I truly miss it. Everytime I see someone with a well looked after, rebellious long hair I wish mine was already at that stage: So long you can have an incredible amount of options to style it. And well... it always looks very fememine. 

But then, also I look at all the different bobs like these ones and I immediately fall for them too. They are practical and flirty (in my opinion). So for now, that my hair is short, I am enjoying this look  and try to get the most out of it. Because you can't really have it both ways :) 

What's your style? What do you prefer? Short or long?

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What's up pussy cat??

Have you ever wondered.... "why me?"

I often do. Why things like these happen to me? Surely everyone has to go through their own share but.. why this and why me?

Well... we are not the ones who choose their own problems.. if so... they would merely be slight inconveniences, as who would, in their own right frame of minds, put themselves through such a struggle? 

There would be no real - big lessons to be learnt and we would go through life without ever making much of a valuable experience... so.. enjoy your sh*t! It is the one thing that makes you special and great!! 


Some people say we bring our own problems ourselves. Which means I then analyse what part of me attracts what happens... is it my fears? my prejudices? 

Everyone will have their own varying answers from scientist, philosophers and great thinkers of the modern time will have their own interesting and convincing theories to decipher reality and although they weren't entirely incorrect none could really get a grasp on the hall thing. 

Some contradict each other, others later on will take it back.. so who knows?? Quantum physics will then distort everything you ever thought was factual.. so why then even bother??

So what are we left with? With an entire ocean of theories that prove that we don't really know much and the only remaining thing to do is to feel drown in anxiety from the infinite amount of possible explanations that resolve nothing of the incertitude... cause at the end of the day, everything is far simpler and complex at the same time. 

Fear must surely be a product of the ego (ego as what is understood by buddhists not Freudian theories). But why is it there? is it instinctive? To keep us safe??

I am in the mood of just go for the "Don't worry.. be happy" and "f*ck it!" attitude cause nothing else seems to do the deal.

So how was your week anyway...??

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Charming bedrooms for our little ones.

Bedrooms are probably amongst the most important rooms in the house (though if you really think about it, they are all pretty important). But a bedroom is the place where we recharge energy, feel safer, and we can find ourselves in peace from the outside world.

Choosing the right style that reflects us can be challenging, and even more so if it is for someone else.. like our kids... specially if they can't really speak their mind on what they like, what colour they prefer, the type of furniture which is ergonomic to their personality etc.. 

For now I have chosen a green tonality, something that I found neutral. I know little G is very much into cars. So that is something I can work with.

The following are some of the rooms that for one reason or another I really dig their style.

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