Saturday, 6 February 2016

Guide for delicious veggie food.

"Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are"

What we eat is how we feel, how we look, how our everyday life goes and how good or bad our health is.  

It's been a while since I posted about vegetarianism. 

Being a veggie forces you to think more about what you eat. Or at least that is something I have experienced since I became vegetarian myself. You have to be aware of what is on your plate, search for alternatives and keep in mind that if you go out to eat, you have to note to the staff about your regime to avoid food poisoning.

 Rant ahead: 
Can you believe that in some places I have been, I have had to specify that chicken is still meat?. And no.. I can't just put it on a side...  
End of it.

There is still not enough awareness on what vegetarians stand for and believe in.

When you are vegetarian you ultimately tend to eat more at home. Which is better: is more economic and healthier in the long run. You are responsible of what you buy and what you keep in the fridge. 

Giving that it is a lifestyle, slightly different than the common trend, it is important to keep at hand good recipes that have the great three factor: nutrition, deliciousness and easy to add to our routine. 

Here are some soon to be additions to my routine. Inspirational yummies:

Deliciously found at:

Friday, 29 January 2016

#moodboard Lingerie for Valentine's

ver here in Mexico, Valentine's day is celebrated as the day of love and friendship. So, even if you haven't got a special someone in your life, you still have reasons to cheer... we are a bunch of softies ain't it? lol I mean, who wouldn't then have anybody to feel blessed for? 

But regardless of the friendship side of the story, there is something joyful about Valentine's when you are not in a relationship: There is no way on earth you can end the day being disappointed because that distracted someone didn't fulfill your expectations :)

Naturally, and I feel it goes for everyone, is that the idea of having someone by our side to pass you aspirine when a migraine is taking its toll on you and that is there for you day by day being your life partner, complementing each other is something we all desire. It's only natural.

I am a romantic, what can be done about that? I believe in love, in making that decision to walk side by side as two living souls accompany and support one another throughout the passage of life... it can be tough sometimes... 

And while that may or may not come, I do have a sense of pride when it comes to lingerie. It can give me that special confidence boost - and no - one really knows -

It is what seems to be selling the most now that we are getting closer to the lovy - dovy day of the year. 

Yes, you may have notice I love lace. I find it incredibly feminine. And even more amazing is that all of the bras haven't got any metal support, which means is good for your ta - ta's!!

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Beauties found at:

Journelle (¡es lo máximo!)
Stella McCartney

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The ultimately chic guide for your wedding dress.

When I got married I really didn't have much time to do any planning. I didn't really sat down to think what I wanted. There were other things, pretty cool stuff that was going on at the time, so I left the entire wedding to be organised by friends and family and I got involved a month before the wedding. Yes, you read that right. A month before.

So let's clarify that: I married in a rush not because I "whoops" got pregnant, it was because I was traveling in France. And it was pretty sweet!!

Had I had more time to get on wedding mood and had I been a bit more open minded I would have selected something unique and with lots of character. 

Brides to be: this is what I think it would look pretty neat. This is from someone who has already been there, done that ;)


Beautiful designs from:
Alberta Ferretti
Monique Lhuillier
Christian Lacroix
Alexander McQueen
Stephane Rolland
Elie Saab
Paolo Sebastian

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Back from Holiday Season. First post of the year!

How were your holidays anyway?

It's still quite cold (as expected) but there is no jingle - jingle christmasy feeling anymore (again, as expected). So I feel like its fairly gloomy considering there isn't anything to look forward anymore... other than just the heat of a mexican spring that will be amongst us in a couple of months, and trust me it is never very pleasant. Not to me anyway.

On a cheerful note, what I feel is probably because I did have some really nice time on my holidays. Pretty much did nothing but spent the time with my family, I laughed a lot and overall was very relaxed. I learnt some interesting stuff and practiced a few meditation exercises that I think have worked pretty well. I feel a lot more Zen :D

So let's keep our butts moving forward and everything will be great! (regardless of the weather).

Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 #moodboard

Sort of like New Year's resolution I found the idea of making visual moodboards for a goal - dream - inspiration set of images that are meant to visualise my wishes for the upcoming year. 

And since that seemed like an annoying task (sarcasm). I was very happy to jump ahead and set where I'd like to head my life to :)

So here we go..

1) The so called one self. 

Go back to dancing, dedicate to  spiritual growth: releasing the authentic essence; free spirit, wisdom, beauty, courage, confidence and strength . 

2) Family.

Togetherness, camaraderie, laughter, love, closeness. The collection of the simple and beautiful moments.

3) Love life.

Intimacy, partnership, love, respect, support and understanding. A friend and a lover. The other spiritual half.

4) Work life.

Creativity, inspiration, projects, experience and growth.

5) Social life.

Warm gatherings with kin spirits. Laughter and joy. Celebrate life.

6) A place to live in.

Somewhere out of the city, near nature and a river nearby.  Somewhere old and beautiful.

7) Ideal home.

Stone, wood, bricks, natural elements, greenery, comfort, rustic and fresh..

So there.. let 2016 bring some magic!!

Best wishes to you all!!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Guide to choose your decoration style.

What we bring into our home will unavoidably have an effect on the general feel of our space. 

Regardless of the teachings of the ancient feng shui tradition; the vibrations that each object provides, influences us in our vibrating field. 

At the end of the day, it is an exercise on moving things around, experiment, have a feel and adjust if necessary until it feels right with ourselves, our environment and allows us to develop in the best way possible.  

From my personal experience; many things can appeal to us, but in daily life practice, they may not necessarily inspire us on the way we need to and it ends up being a failed buy. No need to sweat it, you are learning about what feels right to you and in a way, knowing yourself in the process.

Myself, for example, I have learnt that a feminine and cute kettle may be simply delightful; but on my cooking space, it won't be able to provide me with the feel for cooking, as in order to be inspired, I require more natural instruments. I have realised that to eat healthier I must be surrounded with -closer to nature- tools.

This is something that comes with practice. From all our mistakes, undoubtedly we learn. 

What I recommend you is to keep a series of #moodboard like the ones that follow. If you keep a record of what calls you, you can then have an idea of what your style is and have a proper run test to see how you feel around them. Do they transmit the desired effect?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Inspiration for Christmas decor: Rustic, Natural & Scandinavian.

Have you done your Christmas decorations yet?

There is in fact a weird syndrome called Raynaud and for us who have it, (amongst the 7% of the world population) our hands, feet and nose will get colder than normal, but despite all the slightly uncomfortable cold feeling, I really enjoy the Holiday Season, as I find it full of magic, peace and tranquility. 

With special tenderness I remember coming back from the festivities, dressed as a shepherdess, angel or a flower (no comments; not my choice; teachers or relatives felt like it...).
I loved heading straight to the sofa to watch the Christmas Tree; the lights reflection on the colourful spheres.. I could stay there for hours in contemplation, smelling the aroma of hot punch, and the traditional tamales (Mesoamerican dish made of masa and filled with different flavours, served warm). 

Now, the novelty is for my little one, but I am living his excitement through his big beautiful eyes. I love everything christmasy. We.. and I mean "we" made our own Christmas decoration with styrofoam, glitter and sequins in colours brown, silver and red. 

All over the internet there is a great variety of styles and ideas to give -home sweet home- a special festive feeling. 

These are my fav: 


------------------------------------------ > Gorgeous  ideas from:


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